Friday, May 24, 2013

Obesity Report Questions

1. What does the word ‘obesity’ mean to you?
It means when you're overweight for your age and height.

2. Complete the table to show what you know about the differences between people with a healthy weight and people who suffer from obesity:

People with a healthy weight
People who suffer from obesity
What types of food are they likely to eat?
Veges and fruits
takeaways and deep fried food.
How much exercise do you think they do? (or can do?)
3 laps around a rugby field
What might their body look like?
really fit and muscular or skinny and slim.
really large and fat
What types of health problems might they have? Would they have any?
Flue, cold, and headache.
diabetes, heart disease, and heart attacks
How might people in society (place and people where you live) treat them?
With respect
They would be disgusted
How might they be feeling about themselves? Why?
good because their fit and healthy
embarrassed and not feeling well about themselves.

3. So what is the main difference between people of a healthy weight and people who suffer from obesity?
That one is healthy and one isn’t

4. What do you think you need to do to stay a healthy weight?
Eat your veges and fruits.

5. Which is the best type of exercise for you that you enjoy doing?

4. Has the video changed your thinking about being healthy and the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle? Why? Why not?
yes because ever since I have watched the video I do not want to become obese.

6. What are the main health benefits of being a healthy weight?
Doing Exercise and sleeping well

Obesity Report

Obesity is a type of disease which is mostly caused in a little city in America called Indiana!! This disease is not just caused in Indiana it is also caused around the world. Obesity is one of the most biggest problems around the world because a lot people die from it.

Obesity is a type of disease when a person eats more than than they’re meant too!!
They have got a sedentary lifestyle & they also have a bad diet.

A lot of obese people become larger and larger because they are overeating and are extremely addicted to food. They eat a large portion of food everyday like Fizzy Drinks, Burgers, Fries, Ice Cream and a lot of other junk foods.

People are so big and obese in America that they have to make larger coffins for when they pass away. The youngest age for a obese person to die in the U.S was 11 years old. A lot of people die from this disease.

There are a lot of sicknesses and diseases you could get from obesity like, diabetes, heart disease, heart attack and sometimes you could be short of breath.

The first obese country in the world is Mexico, Second America and last but not least New Zealand. NZ is the third obese country in the world because a lot of the pacific people come here for a better lifestyle and live well. A lot of pacific Islanders are large because they eat a lot of cheap food which is like, Takeaways and all the deep fried food.

If you are a child and you are slightly overweight, you could actually lose all of that and start thinking about the future. You don’t want to become obese and have a bad diet or have a sedentary lifestyle!!!

Salt and Sugar

Friday, May 17, 2013


1. How many eggs do NZers consume (eat) per day?
Two and a Half Million

2. Complete the table to show what you know about the different ways that eggs are produced:

Where & how do the chickens live?
Live in a cage. Never go outside and never see the sunlight.
They live outside in grassy places and can dust bath, stretch their wings and run around.
They live inside a barn and can do the same as free range hens and it can also perch.
What & how do the chickens eat?
Chicken Feed
They eat worms,grass and little bugs so it can have more flavour in the egg.
Chicken Feed
Is anything artificial (fake) added to the chickens food? What? Why?
Food agents are added to the chickens feed
worms,grass and little bugs so it can have more flavour in the egg.

Is this type of egg expensive or cheap?
Is this a humane (good) way for the chickens to live and produce eggs? Why? Why not?
Yes and no, yes because it’s easy for the eggs to roll and no because the hens have to kludge onto the cage because the cage is on an angle
Yes because whenever they need to lay an egg they just walk into a little shed and lay there eggs.
Yes because they have a lot of space.
How are the eggs collected?
they are rolled onto a conveyer belt.
they are picked by hand
picked by hand

3. So what is the main difference between caged and free-range eggs?
cage does not have that much space but the F-R have a lot of space

4. What do you think is the best and most humane way to produce eggs? Why?Caged because it is much more cheaper

5. Which is the cheapest way to produce eggs?
Caged because it is much more cheaper

4. Has the video changed your thinking about eggs and how they are produced? Why? Why not?Yes because each year New Zealanders eat 920,000,000 eggs which is two and a half million eggs per day

5. Do you think it will change the way your parents (or you in the future) will buy and eat eggs? Why? Why not?No because my parents always but caged eggs!!!

6. What are the main health benefits of eating eggs? (Why are they good for us? They are healthy and good for us because it has a lot of nutrition inside it.

7. How do you like your eggs? (fried? scrambled? poached?)

8. Share a link to a healthy recipe that uses eggs. OR create a google presentation with at least 3 - 4 healthy recipes that include the use of eggs and share on your blog.

Egg Report

New Zealanders eat about 920,000,000 eggs per year which is two and a half million eggs per day.     Most of these eggs come from caged hens.

There are all sorts of eggs like caged, free range and barn. Caged eggs are the ones we eat the most, second is free range eggs and lastly barn eggs.

Caged hens have a really small place to lay their eggs. Their cage is on an angle, so the egg can roll down and get collected on a conveyor belt. When the egg rolls the hen can’t get them back because there is an a electric wire at the front of the cage which shocks them. There are 6 hens inside each cage. Brown hens produce brown eggs, But the white hens produce white eggs.

Organic and free range chickens have a big space to run, flap their wings and eat grass. They do all sorts of stuff like dust bathing, perching, nesting and running around. There is also a little house outside for the hens to lay their eggs.

Cooked eggs is much more better to eat than eating or drinking it raw. Whenever you eat an egg, you get a lot of protein out of it. The protein mostly comes out of the yolk. Between white eggs & brown eggs there is no nutritional difference.

Eggs are really high in protein and are easy for our bodies to digest. New Zealand egg yolk is really dark compared to Canadian egg yolks which is a bit lighter. Our yolk is dark because colouring agents are added to the chicken’s feed.

There are a lot of ways you can cook eggs, fried, poached, boiled and scrambled. A lot of people like to buy caged produced eggs because they're much cheaper.

There are 3 types of eggs that you could eat, but the one that is most likely to be eaten is caged eggs.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Healthy Sandwiches

My 3 Sandwiches

*1. White Bread with Chicken, Mayo and Lettuce

*2. Pita bread with cucumber, Salami, bacon and salt and pepper

*3. Brown bread with tuna, egg, lettuce and mayo

Chicken Lettuce Mayo Cheese Ham Tomato Tuna

Holiday Highlight

As I turned on the big screen I saw that a Rugby League game was on. I saw that the Roosters were playing against the Panthers, I wondered which team was going to win!! When the game started the Roosters team was really pumped for the game. They tackled a lot of the panthers players really hard.

I was so happy when the Roosters scored the first try because I wanted them to win the match. As the league game carried on only a few minutes later and the panthers scored a try, they also got their conversion over. After 23 minutes the Roosters struck back with another fantastic come back try. 6 minutes has passed and the buzzer went for half time.

As soon as both teams returned they were ready to play. I got really tired when I was watching the game so I turned off the television because I got board. But in the end I searched for the results on the internet and I found out that roosters badly thrashed panthers.

I wonder which team is going to play the Sydney Roosters next?

2 Different Types Of Food Packages

The nutritional information that can be found at the back of food packaging contains information about what is in your food. It should tell you how much salt, sugar, fat, protein etc is in your food.

Nutrition = the process of providing and obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

Task: Make a comparison between two different food packages. See what you can find out. Write a brief summary about your findings.

Pizza Flavour

Per 100g

Iced Chocolate
flavoured milk

Per 100ml
Total Fat
Total Fat

1) What can you say about the first package you looked at?
It has got more energy the the chocolate milk
2) What can you say about the second package you looked at?
It has less salt then the pizza shapes
3) Which food has better nutritional value than the other? Why?


As WILL.I.AM entered our school,  the only thing you could see was the camera people movie and a lot of heads turning. I couldn’t believe that  WILL.I.AM chose to give 100.000.00.$ dollars to our school. “Why did they give the money to our school Mr Burt Tamai said” Because our work online said Mr Burt”.

We welcomed with a prayer, mihi, and performances. It was so cool because, the cameras that were there came from everywhere like, one news, hallenstein brothers and much more. The Hallenstein brothers gave a green stone as a gift to, and my school sang a song. There were ten school’s from the manaiakalani area that came to see WILL.I.AM.

I really enjoyed meeting and seeing WILL.I.AM at our school, We were really lucky that he got to come to see our school and to look at our online learning. I wonder if WILL.I.AM will ever come back to our school?