Monday, September 19, 2011

Aussie Rules

Walking on the field to play Aussie Rules with my class and room 19 we saw Megan and Alysa waiting for us. We were just warming up for the stuff that we were going to do.

The weather was cold and hot at the same time as we warmed up. Our weather in one day is like winter then spring after that it would be like summer. It was a very blustery day as Megan was teaching us how to bounce the ball while walking.

Our warm up skill was playing a game which you would have to jump on one foot and try and knock over your partner. Bumping jabez off I got knocked over and fell on the mud. Finishing our warm up we both slipped over.

We got to play a game which was very similar to baseball but the thing was we had to kick the football. When it was my turn I kicked the ball so high that Gloria caught it. The line was so long that I nearly didn’t get a turn because it was taking too long .

Finally I got to field. It was very frustrating because Sosaia and I were both trying to catch the ball, when suddenly I ran into him by accident and he fell over. A lot of people were angry at me mostly boys , but I just told them that it was just a game. It was a very close game but I knew that my team had won.

It was fun and I learnt how to bounce the ball straight. I felt really good as we walked back to class.


  1. Hey Uili nice story about aussei rules.I'm glade that you won but when I went when it was time to switch the bell rang.Did people laugh at you when you fell? Keep up the good work .

  2. Hi Uli nice story about Aussie rules.I'm glade that you won but when I went when it was time to switch the bell rang. Did people laugh at you when you feel annoyed sorry to hear that? just keep up the good work Uli.