Friday, September 21, 2012

My Best Friends

My best friends is Rocky, Jabez, Levi, and Shayne. I first met Jabez in room 8, we weren't friends that time because we didn't really hang out that much. The first time I met Levi was in room 8 as well, we were actually best friends at the time. I met Rocky and Shayne in room 8 as well. The funny thing is that we are all in the same class.

Getting Into Trouble

Every time I get in trouble, I get really scared because if my parents find out about the bad thing I did I will most likely to get a smack, ha ha ha just kidding. The last thing I did to get in trouble is when I made a hole in the wall, but I really didn't get in trouble because my parents don’t know about it yet. I hate getting in trouble because when my little sister know she goes to my dad and tells on me. But now whenever she gets into trouble I tell on her, I don’t like to tell on my sister but I have to because it is always payback!!!!

Sometimes when something of my dads is missing he always blames it on me, if it was mine then I would tell him JOKES!!!!!! The people I get in trouble from is my parents, teachers, and others. When I get into trouble I sometimes have a fight with someone or smash a window and sometimes punch the wall!!!!!

Next time when you get into trouble don’t copy me!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Favourite Online Game

My Favourite Online Game is BMX Master because you can do a lot of  stunts and tricks. If You would like to play BMX Master just click on the link.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Olympic Event

Fencing is an Olympic sport which is similar to sword fighting. Fencing was introduced to the Olympic Games in 1896 and is still played now. The rules of mainstream fencing were set by the sport’s international governing body.

If you were to take part in fencing you will need to have the speed because Fencers are very quick. The gear you will need is a Protective Jacket, Gloves, Plastrom, Mask, Breaches, Knickers and a Foil. Scores are only given when the tip of the sword touches your opponent’s chest, hits with the side of the blade do not count.

Aiming to win a gold medal at the Olympic games in Fencing is a lot of hard work. You will need to have the skill and technique if you really want a gold medal. Fencing isn’t my favorite sport but I would really like to try it.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Sneezing happens to a lot people when they are sick or allergic to something. I sneeze a lot at home but never at school. Did you know that when you sneeze a lot of spit and sometimes your snot come out of you know what? When you sneeze you should cover you mouth with your hands or with your elbow.

Most people sneeze if they're allergic to cat’s or dog’s. I am very lucky that I am not allergic to dogs because they are my favorite pets. Did you know that everyone sneezes everyday.

When you sneeze a lot of stuff come out of your nose and mouth. I only sneeze if dust goes up my nose because that’s the only thing I’m allergic too. When you're close to someone and you sneeze on them, that person that you sneezed on will actually wipe it and walk away from you.

My solution to sneezing is that when you sneeze you can look at the sun and it will go away.


In the Holidays I went to the HOYTS with my sisters and my mum to watch Brave. It was a really cool movie.  There were some scary parts and some cool parts in the movie. My favorite part was when the three sons turned into bears. They looked really funny. I would really like it if there was a second part of the movie.

When the movie was over we went for a big shopping at pak'n save. As we walked out of pak'n save my mum tried to call my dad. It took for a long time because my dad didn't pick up. Finally he came and we