Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seven's Tournament

As we arrived at Varsity rugby club for the seven’s tournament we saw a lot of rugby teams training with their coaches. My seven’s team and I went and layed a tarpaulin under a tree and put our bags on it, so the wind wouldn't blow it away. When we started to warm up for our first game we saw two boys from my school. They were playing for under eleven’s varsity club. I really happy for them when they finished their game because they won.

When the hooter went that was time for our first game to begin. I was really happy how my rugby represented us at the tournament. So far we won two games and lost one to varsity. In the final we were up against the same team we lost too, VARSITY!!!!!  It was a really hard game against them because two boys from our school was playing for varsity. They were a really good team and played us well, in the end they won again but we still kept our heads up.

While we finished our cheers the varsity team said their own cheer for our supporters. After that we did the same but we cheered for their and ours. Well at the end of the day we came second and we were really happy with ourselves. I wonder what we’re going to come next year!!!

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