Friday, March 15, 2013

Softball Tournament

As the softball team's rushed to the van wanting to sit in the front seat, when they opened the door they saw that Mr Sommerville our coach was already sitting there. So when I sat down I felt really comfortable because the chairs were leather. We stayed sitting for a long time because the softball tournament was in Remuera on Shore road. It was so crowded as we arrived at the tournament. The captain for the day was Frankie.

The first game we played was pretty easy, but the only thing I didn't get was that we were not really good at our batting. When it was side away we were fielding and just like that we got 3 people out and it was side away again. My softball team and myself were really excited because we got to have another bat. BANG!!!  
Lorenzo hit the ball as far as it could go and ran as fast as he could, he was a really good batsmen. When the hooter went we all cheered with excitement because we won our first game.

It was a really hot day at our softball tournament, so I put some sunscreen on. As soon as our fourth game started it was my turn to bat, I was really nervous as the scorching sun made me really sweaty. SWING!!! I hit the ball as powerful as I could and there it went thrashing into the air. Running to home base, the ball was getting really close to home so I ran and got a home run for my team. I was really happy as happiness surrounded me.

 I was over the moon when we won our last game because we won the tournament which was really cool. As for the year eight's they came fifth, I felt really sorry for them but the good thing was that they did go to the Auckland champs last year.
I wonder if we're going to win the tournament next year.

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  1. Hi Uili

    Congratulations for being part of the winning softball team. You must be pretty excited and looking forward to the Auckland champs. All the best and keep us updated.