Monday, June 16, 2014


Every Wednesday morning at 10:20 we walk to the courts and practice our AFL. For those of you who don’t know what AFL is it stands for Australian Football League. Last Wednesday our tutor for AFL Tim took us through some drills of how to pass the ball to the other person.
You have to hold the ball at the front of you like your holding your dinner plate and then scoop it with your other hand. But your other hand you have to make a fist to hit it.

We also learnt how to kick the as well. When you kick the ball it is called a drop punt. When you kick you have to make sure that the laces are facing away from your face. Tim told us that the move for it is called laces away from faces. He also said to hold the ball x’s facing up and down. If you were to kick it straight you toes would have to be pointing at the place you would want it to land.
An AFL ball is quite small to play with but very easy to carry. It is important that when you hit the ball you move your arms like a pirate. When you hit the ball it shouldn’t make a noise. If you just hit the ball without moving the arm you're holding the ball with, it will hurt the hand that you scooped the ball with.

AFL is a very fun sport to play and I think more people should know how to play it!

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  1. Hey Uili
    I love your story. Only one thing you need to double check and reveiw your writing also edit. RAK year people just showing random acts of kindness. Just sharing the kindness. From Anamei lol