Friday, November 29, 2013


As we all sat down for assembly this morning the band was playing on the stage while the singers sang. When Crusader finished off his mihi the school sang the national anthem. I was really happy for crusader because he learnt the last mihi lines this morning. The new song that we sang today was a really cheerful song. I was a little bit tired but I just kept myself together.  

I felt great when they called my name up for the player of the day award for yesterday’s game. The score was 36-4. The band performed as we all departed from the hall.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Future Aspirations

I wasn’t very excited about future aspirations because I had never had this kind of experience before. I never knew that a year 7 student could finish years thirteen maths science and biology.

Tristen Pang is a year 7 student he is probably the brainiest year 7 student for science and maths in auckland. He talked to us about his life and what kind of work and studies he does. As he was talking he also said that it is good to be nosy about school work. He is very smart and has finished year thirteen maths, science and biology. He is so smart that he is going to AUT next year.

I was very inspired by tristen because he was only a year seven student and is going university. Only if we could all be like him!

I Heard A Whisper


Huffing and puffing as I carried myself to the top of the mountain, I gazed at the amazing view. Taking a few more steps I made it to the top and stopped for a drink. When I looked around I saw nobody else but me. “This is very unusual” I said quietly to myself. A few minutes later I heard a whisper but no one was there, they said “Hi don’t be afraid”. Suddenly as I turned around I saw a big clawed bird staring at me as if it wanted some thing. As I walked home I could feel the bones inside me start to click.

As I sat down I got out a book and started reading a book. Out of nowhere my dog Snickers came running to me and started to bark. I was a little bit scared so I grasped onto the baseball bat that was next to the fire place and held up in the air while walking to the door. As soon as I put my hand on the door knob I heard another whisper say come follow me and I will give great fortune. I was very happy but curios at the same time! When I looked at the window I saw the same bad looking bird that was at the mountain.

I had a very bad time sleeping, I still was curios about the whispering. I had a feeling that it had something to do with the bird that I saw at the window.

When I woke up I got ready to go for a run in the morning like I always do. Just as I had left the house I put on my shoes and started running around the block. “I’m almost there just a few more steps” I whispered to myself. On the corner of my eye I saw that same bird flying in a alley and so I started to follow him. The bird flew into a strange looking house that looked like it got abandoned.

I walked inside and saw that the bird was holding a knife in his claws. I was very scared but I saw something attached around the birds neck. It looked like a sound device. I think that the bird wanted me to cut off the device that was around it’s neck. Just as I had grabbed the knife I heard another whisper but it came from the sound device that was around the birds neck. Finally I knew what was the whisper, it was the sound device coming from the bird. I cut it off and was very happy that I did. “But why was there in the first place” I said to myself, well I guess that it is a mystery!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I wasn't really prepared for athletics but I still participated anyway. The house colour I was in was Te Arawa which was red. Walking out to the courts I looked around and saw a lot of other house colours like Matatua (green) Takitimu (yellow) and Tainui (blue).

As we walked to our first course I saw sack bags lying on the ground and a very long rope. I knew straight away that we were going to have a sack race and play tug of war. I wasn't really happy with the event we got put to first. My team didn't win but the good thing is that we had fun. When we played tug of war my team won I was so happy, but then we played against the other team that won but we lost. At least we won for once.

I had a lot of fun at athletics and hope next years one will be even better.