Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I wasn't really prepared for athletics but I still participated anyway. The house colour I was in was Te Arawa which was red. Walking out to the courts I looked around and saw a lot of other house colours like Matatua (green) Takitimu (yellow) and Tainui (blue).

As we walked to our first course I saw sack bags lying on the ground and a very long rope. I knew straight away that we were going to have a sack race and play tug of war. I wasn't really happy with the event we got put to first. My team didn't win but the good thing is that we had fun. When we played tug of war my team won I was so happy, but then we played against the other team that won but we lost. At least we won for once.

I had a lot of fun at athletics and hope next years one will be even better.

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