Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I was very excited for athletics because it was a day off school. I was really happy that they were still running athletics even though the weather wasn't the best. Everyone sat down at the courts as the sun shone on theirs heads. When Miss Va’afusuanga told the year 8 boys to stand and go to discus happiness surrounded me.

My first throw was alright I was coming second until I got bumped down to third then while i waited I got bumped down to nothing. But I was still happy for the people who got a placing because most of them were in my house colour, which is red. When we finished discus we got ready to go to javelin.

When we arrived to our next event we sat down and listened to Mr Barks explain how to throw the javelin. Javelin is one of the hardest event for me because I am not good at throwing objects for a long length. But when it was my turn I just gave a try.

Sadly we didn't finish athletics because of bad weather so we had to finish the rest the next week. I can’t wait for next year athletics because I will be in college.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Year 8 Marsden Bay Camp 2014

Marsden Bay Camp 2014
Last week our year 8’s travelled up north to Marsden Bay Christian Camp. We were all excited to see what the campgrounds were going to look like and what exciting things we were going to do throughout the week. Like me, everyone arrived at school grinning from ear to ear.

When we finished loading the bus with our gear we all got on and got ready to leave. Waving goodbye to our parents as we left , I felt very lucky because I got to do no work for a whole week and instead hang out with my friends.  When we were on the road still on our way to Marsden Bay,  my friends and I ate some lollies. Once we hopped off the bus we saw that we were at a beach. We all thought that we were going for a swim but instead we were going to go for a long walk.

The walk was really tiring but the view was incredible. The track was really muddy and some people slipped, but luckily nobody got hurt.  As soon as we reached the end it brought us to a long road with nowhere to rest but luckily there was a patch of grass. We all had lunch and then walked down the road and to our astonishment another beach awaited. We all got to have a long and good rest. Some of us also got to go for a swim and hang out with our friends.  

Finally we arrived at Marsden Bay Camp.  Our bus drove into the camp grounds everyone looked out the window and saw a really big flying fox as well as a waterslide. Everybody was really excited, they all wanted to go on it on the first day. When we hopped off the bus we unloaded our gear and placed near the deck. The moment we finished unloading the bus we immediately ran to our cabins.

As soon as we had unpacked everyone had free time. A lot of our year eight’s went to play on the volleyball court while some of my friends and I played basketball in the hall. We were all very excited for a week off school and just a week of fun. I hope every week could be like camp.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Avatar

I am able to manage myself and my learning consistently.  I have put myself at level three because I get my work done even though the teacher isn't watching over me.I created an avatar to represent my house colour which is red. I am able to manage myself and my learning consistently.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kiwi Sport Netball

Kiwi Sport Netball
Netball is one of New Zealand’s most common sports, it is also played around the world as well. Our class have been attending Kiwi Sport Netball in the hall with Merrin for the past 4 weeks. I’m not a big fan of netball but I decided to just give it a try. When I took part in our first netball lesson it wasn't to bad.

I was away for our first lesson so my first session was about defense. We learnt how to follow and block your attacker from getting the ball. We also got to learn how to pass a netball and shoot it as well. Merrin said when you shoot you have to hold the netball above your head and shoot it. She also said when you pass a netball it is best to past from your chest.

Our class went to Kiwi Sport Netball today and we learnt about pivoting. If you were to jump and catch the ball, the first foot that lands on the ground stays there and your second foot can pivot. We had a little netball game today. It was really confusing for me because I didn't know where I was allowed and where I wasn't. I also didn't know my position until I got to play. There are only seven positions in netball they are goal shoot, goal attack, wing attack, wing defense, goal defense, goalkeeper and center.

Through out the past four weeks of learning netball hasn't been too bad. Netball was alright but I’m not to sure if I want to play again!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Kiwi Sport Football

Kiwi Sport Football
For the past five weeks we have been participating in kiwi sport football with Sophia. I didn't really like to play soccer but ever since our class started attending kiwi sport I sort of started to like football. Football is the most popular sport in the world.

Sophia was our instructor, taught our class the simple skills for football. She is also a football player, she comes from Argentina. When we first saw her she had a broken arm because a team they played against in soccer crushed her arm. She had a really cool haircut, it was dreadlocks.

The FIFA World Cup had just finished so Sophia decided that we should have our own little FIFA class cup. We got into groups of four and all decided on a name. My group chose to be Mexico. We had about five football games overall in the FIFA class cup. We had a lot of fun playing against the other teams.

When it was time to go Sophia announced the placings of all of the teams. My team was really lucky because we came second out of the whole class but Brazil won in the end. My group was very happy with our placing. Our class loves to play soccer and we all hope Sophia can come back and teach us more about Football.