Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seven's Tournament

As we arrived at Varsity rugby club for the seven’s tournament we saw a lot of rugby teams training with their coaches. My seven’s team and I went and layed a tarpaulin under a tree and put our bags on it, so the wind wouldn't blow it away. When we started to warm up for our first game we saw two boys from my school. They were playing for under eleven’s varsity club. I really happy for them when they finished their game because they won.

When the hooter went that was time for our first game to begin. I was really happy how my rugby represented us at the tournament. So far we won two games and lost one to varsity. In the final we were up against the same team we lost too, VARSITY!!!!!  It was a really hard game against them because two boys from our school was playing for varsity. They were a really good team and played us well, in the end they won again but we still kept our heads up.

While we finished our cheers the varsity team said their own cheer for our supporters. After that we did the same but we cheered for their and ours. Well at the end of the day we came second and we were really happy with ourselves. I wonder what we’re going to come next year!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Polyfest 2013!!!

As the sun was scorching down onto the audience’s faces they clapped for the brilliant polyfest performers. I was really hungry as I watched college by college perform on the stage. The viewer's were hoping that the weather would stay the way it was, but it started to rain and then it got even worse. Rain wouldn't stop the audience watching so they all opened their umbrellas and kept on watching.

I was really excited to see my sister perform on stage representing Tamaki College. As they entered the stage it was the best I had ever seen. If you are wanting to watch the whole performance well here it is. When they finished their amazing performance they felt really good and were hoping that it was enough for them to get a placing.

At the end of prize giving they announced first, second and third. When Tamaki College heard that they came second place they stood up and cheered really loud and they also cried. Well done to the students who performed. I wonder what they're going to come next year!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013


I was really excited when Miss Vaafusuaga told me that I was going to take some drills with the Auckland Blues. The cool thing was that other student’s from my school were coming as well. When we arrived at Dunkirk we thought that the Blues were already there but instead they arrived a bit later.

As all the schools sat down, the only thing they looked at was cars driving into the car park. We didn't recognize it was the blues getting out of there cars until an old lady went to them and told them to come. A lot of the schools were excited to see players like Piri Weepu, Keven Mealamu and obviously the captain Ali Williams.  As soon as they got there the man that was running the event gave the mic over to the blues captain.

They had to introduced themselves and say there position, the funny thing was that the last thing they had to say was the women of their dreams.

The day with the blues was really fun. I hope you get the time to meet the blues!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The old man walking along the beach

Thomas trudged along the sand gazing at the windsurfers as they tossed and turned in the waves. As he looked into the distance he saw a big crowd of people, he wondered why they were there. When he saw little children swimming in the ocean he could remember when he used to do that.

As he kept on strolling he could hear seagulls scavenging over scraps of food. When he sat down on the soft and craggy sand he looked around at all the people having fun. Thomas was really happy when he looked around at all the people having fun. He felt really cold so he decided to go back home for a rest.

STKS Guitarest

As STKS started to play his guitar and sing to Point England School in assembly was really amazed at how talented he was. He played about five  or six songs which sounded really amazing. The first song he was actually wasn't a song it was a trumpet he played but the thing was he played the trumpet with his mouth. For anyone who does not know who STKS is he is a really talented Singer and Guitarist. I hope you enjoy this cool video of him.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Softball Tournament

As the softball team's rushed to the van wanting to sit in the front seat, when they opened the door they saw that Mr Sommerville our coach was already sitting there. So when I sat down I felt really comfortable because the chairs were leather. We stayed sitting for a long time because the softball tournament was in Remuera on Shore road. It was so crowded as we arrived at the tournament. The captain for the day was Frankie.

The first game we played was pretty easy, but the only thing I didn't get was that we were not really good at our batting. When it was side away we were fielding and just like that we got 3 people out and it was side away again. My softball team and myself were really excited because we got to have another bat. BANG!!!  
Lorenzo hit the ball as far as it could go and ran as fast as he could, he was a really good batsmen. When the hooter went we all cheered with excitement because we won our first game.

It was a really hot day at our softball tournament, so I put some sunscreen on. As soon as our fourth game started it was my turn to bat, I was really nervous as the scorching sun made me really sweaty. SWING!!! I hit the ball as powerful as I could and there it went thrashing into the air. Running to home base, the ball was getting really close to home so I ran and got a home run for my team. I was really happy as happiness surrounded me.

 I was over the moon when we won our last game because we won the tournament which was really cool. As for the year eight's they came fifth, I felt really sorry for them but the good thing was that they did go to the Auckland champs last year.
I wonder if we're going to win the tournament next year.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Picnic Narrative Practice

‘’Isn’t it a blustery morning today’’I thought to myself. Walking down to the Pt England Reserve for our exciting school picnic I ran so hard I thought I was going to be the first one there, but I wasn’t!! We were only halfway to the picnic and I was already worn-out, “can I at least get a ride or something to the picnic I said” to myself . As I took a couple of more steps we reached the reserve, WOOOH!! I was really tired as I sat down huffing and puffing next to my friends. The beach looked beautiful as the tide rushed onto the shore.

As everyone gazed at the stunning site of the beach, all of a sudden a sea monster came thrashing out of the water everyone screamed and started to run everywhere. I was very anxious about the sea monster, no one had no idea what it was or where it came from. The one thing our school had to figure out was, is it a good monster or the opposite!!!

“CALM DOWN EVERYONE” shouted Mr Burt. The monster started to stroll on the shore and as it did it found a bucket and a spade and started to make a really gigantic sandcastle. The monster went inside the castle and guess what!!!! The sea washed the sand castle out and when it did the sea monster was nowhere to be seen. Our whole school rushed down to the beach to sea if the monster was really gone and it was.

At the end of the day nothing else went wrong, we had so much fun at the picnic as well. But what happened to the SEA MONSTER!!!!