Thursday, October 6, 2011

Warriors VS Manly Sea Eagles

As the mighty warriors league team were about to play manly sea eagles they were not confident that they were going to win the grand final. It was a hard challenge for the warriors. As the stadium got full the people were all dressed up in black and cheering for the warriors.

When the game started it felt like this was the last game of league. As James Maloney kicked a drop goal all you could see and hear was people screaming warriors wearing black. With a lot excitement the manly sea eagles got a runaway try.

The warriors made a lot of mistakes suddenly Manu Vatu Vai made the first try for the mighty warriors. It was a interesting game for me. They did a lot of little mistakes which is why they struggled and lost there game.


  1. hi uilli

    i like your story about Manly Sea Eagles it is cool!

    Who won at of the Warriors or Manly Sea Eagles?

  2. Kiora Uili,

    I like it how you improve your into only 2 paragraphs and then now you have 5.When I was playing rugby with you, you were like the best player.When you grow up do you want to be like Manu Vatuvei?"Have you ever played rugby league"?
    Good luck on your rest of your writing.

    God Bless, From Sosaia