Friday, October 28, 2011

Rocket Launch

Waiting nervously in my chair, I felt scared. This was the first time I was going to space.
This is a risky thing to do - the boosters might explode.
Soon the rocket would be far away from earth.

Ready for launch I put on my belt waiting for the launch. Suddenly they called that they were ready for the lift off. As Mission Control counted down from ten I can already feel butterflies in my stomach.

Holding tight onto my chair, I felt my stomach shake and shudder. Igniting the
boosters, we were at full speed.The boosters were so loud that it was the only
thing I can hear.

Finally reaching space, I felt really good because I saw the bright stars and all the planets- even earth.This amazing experience showed me how small our world is.

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  1. Hello Uili! Your description is very good - I like that you included that you were scared that the boosters might blow up. Very good job.