Monday, June 30, 2014

Term 2 Reflection

                                                        Term 2 Reflection

This term was a great term because I got to know my classmates better and I learnt new things. My favorite thing about this term was sports because we came first place in rugby and league. I also like going to technology at Tamaki College on Tuesday morning. The subject that I liked the best at tech was Cooking Tech. The subject I’m attending at Tech now is graphics.

Maori this Term was really fun because we got to learn new prayers and got to play bingo but in Maori. The prayers we learnt this term were for when you eat your food. We also learnt how to count to one million in Maori. Then we had a go at playing bingo and Miss Tito would say the numbers in Maori and we had to know them so we could get BINGO.

It was also cool helping with every assembly since I am a Prefect. The only thing I didn’t like about helping with assembly was that one of the Prefects would have to say their Mihi and Karakia. It is the Prefects responsibility to run assembly.

This term has been really fun, I hope next term will be better.

Rugby League Tournament

Rugby League

On Wednesday morning the league boys from around Pt England School went to Dunkirk to play Rugby League. We were very excited to play against the other schools in our cluster. We were lucky that we went in the car to Dunkirk because it started to rain a little.

When we set up the tent our team went to warm up for our first game against Panmure Bridge. As we jogged onto the field the wind started to pick up and it was getting cold so we had to run a lot more to get warm. We scored the first try of the game. They were a good team to play against but I reckon they could’ve done better. At full time the score was 0 - 5 to us.

Our second game was up against Tamaki Primary. They were the hardest team for us. When we kicked off we rushed up as a line and made our first tackles. It was a really tough team but we managed to pull through and win.

Next we were playing our own team which was Pt England B Team. We were so excited to play against our own team because we knew what their strengths were and their weaknesses. We had a lot of fun playing against our B Team. We were really lucky to win because they were one of the toughest team as well.

We were very happy when we won because we are now the best in Tamaki. I hope we can have this league tournament again!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Our class walked down to the pools to go for swimming. As we entered I could feel the warmth that surrounded me. It was a really warm place until we hopped into the pool. The big pool was freezing and a lot of the students in my class wanted to go to the warm pool.

We had to swim three lengths of the pool without touching the ground.It was like our test to see if we learnt anything. “You could swim any way you like” the instructor said. I was so relieved when the instructor said that because I’m not a very good swimmer. I was so happy when I finished because I didn't touch the ground.

As I got out of the pool I could feel my knees and thighs starting to hurt. I was so tired when I finished, I hope we were doing something fun after. Just as I sat down Miss Paget said we had free time in the swimming pool I was so happy.
Swimming is very important in NZ because too many people are drowning because they don’t know how to swim. Start practising swimming now!


Every Wednesday morning at 10:20 we walk to the courts and practice our AFL. For those of you who don’t know what AFL is it stands for Australian Football League. Last Wednesday our tutor for AFL Tim took us through some drills of how to pass the ball to the other person.
You have to hold the ball at the front of you like your holding your dinner plate and then scoop it with your other hand. But your other hand you have to make a fist to hit it.

We also learnt how to kick the as well. When you kick the ball it is called a drop punt. When you kick you have to make sure that the laces are facing away from your face. Tim told us that the move for it is called laces away from faces. He also said to hold the ball x’s facing up and down. If you were to kick it straight you toes would have to be pointing at the place you would want it to land.
An AFL ball is quite small to play with but very easy to carry. It is important that when you hit the ball you move your arms like a pirate. When you hit the ball it shouldn’t make a noise. If you just hit the ball without moving the arm you're holding the ball with, it will hurt the hand that you scooped the ball with.

AFL is a very fun sport to play and I think more people should know how to play it!