Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I was very excited for athletics because it was a day off school. I was really happy that they were still running athletics even though the weather wasn't the best. Everyone sat down at the courts as the sun shone on theirs heads. When Miss Va’afusuanga told the year 8 boys to stand and go to discus happiness surrounded me.

My first throw was alright I was coming second until I got bumped down to third then while i waited I got bumped down to nothing. But I was still happy for the people who got a placing because most of them were in my house colour, which is red. When we finished discus we got ready to go to javelin.

When we arrived to our next event we sat down and listened to Mr Barks explain how to throw the javelin. Javelin is one of the hardest event for me because I am not good at throwing objects for a long length. But when it was my turn I just gave a try.

Sadly we didn't finish athletics because of bad weather so we had to finish the rest the next week. I can’t wait for next year athletics because I will be in college.