Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Reflection

We did not really plan I just started to animate and my D.L.O was an animation. I did not film because I didn’t want too. It was only a 22 second animation but I was happy with it. Our animation was about Nelson Mandela and where he was born. It wasn’t much but I tried my best. The voice over was a little bit too loud and we had little kids in the background anyways. We didn’t say our words very clearly.

The animation was very short but very good. It had a lot of detail and told a very good story.
I think it connected very well from one scene to the next. It wasn’t much but at least I got some thing done. I think me and TJ worked very well together, the only thing he did was the voice over. I was really happy with our movie.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Counties Manukau VS Taranaki

When the Counties Manukau Rugby game appeared on the T.V screen I got really excited and DIDN’T think about leaving the lounge. The Manukau team had a game against the Taranaki rugby team. Counties had an epic win last week against Hawke’s Bay in Napier. I wonder if they can still hold onto the shield.

As Counties kicked off the went running to tackle, Stowers take them over halfway. When Hika Elliot scored the first opening try I was so happy because it was only 4 minutes into the game . Counties scored a lot of tries while Taranaki scored only one. The game was really tough, NAHH just kidding Taranaki got smashed by Manukau. It was full time and the score was 44-7.

At the end of the day Manukau made a great win while Taranaki went home sad.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Springbok Tour

''1 2 3 4 we don't want no racist tour'' we shouted. Marching down the road I could see the stadium which was not that far from where we were. As we arrived at the stadium we ripped down the gates and went running onto the fields so they wouldn't play the game. The crowd threw a lot of rubbish at us but we just marched onto the field loud and proud. The whole crowd were throwing bottles at us filled or not, but that didn’t stop us from marching onwards.

We were protesting against the Springboks South Africa rugby team, the rest of the world were boycotting the Springbok team because they were a racist country . The world was exerting South Africa to make a change, to abolish the apartheid.  Some New Zealanders did not want the All Blacks to play the springbok team, while the rugby fans thought the opposite way.  Sports and politics shouldn't mix.

After all the chanting and fighting a few minutes passed and the crowd were still throwing rubbish at us. Soon the game was canceled and the rugby fans were booing us. We were happy that the game was canceled. The Springbok tour only lasted 56 days.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rainbows End

 As we entered the front gate of Rainbows End we saw that the place was empty. We were one of the first people in, so we rushed to the bumper kart's as quick as we could and finally hopped in one of the kart's and started riding. When the ride was over we rushed to the bumper boats and when I arrived the line was very short. The longer I waited the more people would come, when it was my turn people from my school went on one of the boats. One of them got me all wet when they bumped in to me I was really angry so I went to line up for the invader. 

I was really happy that I got to go on the invader because I hadn't been there for a very long time. My favourite part on the ride was when I got to the top and came spinning back down. If you don't know what the invader looks like than click here. ''Whoo Hooo'' I said. The ride was over, but I still wanted to go on again and even if I could I don't think it would be very fun waiting in line. So I asked Jabez ''Would you like to go on the Power Surge with me'' I said amazingly. ''SURE'' Jabez Replied.

Jabez and I were really excited to ride the Power Surge. When both of us were seated the ride began and it started to rise and as it did our seats wiggled side to side as the Power Surge was spinning around. When \the ride slowed down it was getting lower and as soon as I was on the ground I quickly ran off looking for another cool joyride to go on.   

As the hours passed the day went darker and soon it started to rain. I was really sad because some rides closed because it was to wet to go on. A few more hours passed and then the rides were back on and the sun came back out. I was really happy with the day and I want to say a big thank you to Miss Va'afusuanga for dropping me off home and for driving me to Rainbows End. I hope I could go Rainbows End again.