Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Springbok Tour

''1 2 3 4 we don't want no racist tour'' we shouted. Marching down the road I could see the stadium which was not that far from where we were. As we arrived at the stadium we ripped down the gates and went running onto the fields so they wouldn't play the game. The crowd threw a lot of rubbish at us but we just marched onto the field loud and proud. The whole crowd were throwing bottles at us filled or not, but that didn’t stop us from marching onwards.

We were protesting against the Springboks South Africa rugby team, the rest of the world were boycotting the Springbok team because they were a racist country . The world was exerting South Africa to make a change, to abolish the apartheid.  Some New Zealanders did not want the All Blacks to play the springbok team, while the rugby fans thought the opposite way.  Sports and politics shouldn't mix.

After all the chanting and fighting a few minutes passed and the crowd were still throwing rubbish at us. Soon the game was canceled and the rugby fans were booing us. We were happy that the game was canceled. The Springbok tour only lasted 56 days.

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