Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sonny Bill Williams

SBW was so excited to play against France . Side stepping and dodging one by one he was near the try line. It was like feeding at the zoo. Accurately diving for the try the crowd were cheering wildly. What a win for the All Blacks .

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Alfajorcitos

Que’ rico que son los alfajorcitos. Muy delicioso. I was so excited when Miss King told us that we were going to do something yummy because I love yum food. As Miss King showed us what we were going to taste it smelt very nice and looked like caramel.

Alfajorcitos is a very popular snack in Argentina and it has got a nice taste. You can make it by buying condensed milk and boiling it for three hours. After that you put it in the freezer until it turns brown.

Waiting for the alfajorcitos to come around I was dieing to have a taste. It was really sticky and goey as I spread the it over my yummy biscuit. As I gobbled it all in my mouth it gave a crack and made crums.

It was a very good experience to taste something that we’ve never tasted before. Now I can make these yummy snacks at home.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Aussie Rules

Walking on the field to play Aussie Rules with my class and room 19 we saw Megan and Alysa waiting for us. We were just warming up for the stuff that we were going to do.

The weather was cold and hot at the same time as we warmed up. Our weather in one day is like winter then spring after that it would be like summer. It was a very blustery day as Megan was teaching us how to bounce the ball while walking.

Our warm up skill was playing a game which you would have to jump on one foot and try and knock over your partner. Bumping jabez off I got knocked over and fell on the mud. Finishing our warm up we both slipped over.

We got to play a game which was very similar to baseball but the thing was we had to kick the football. When it was my turn I kicked the ball so high that Gloria caught it. The line was so long that I nearly didn’t get a turn because it was taking too long .

Finally I got to field. It was very frustrating because Sosaia and I were both trying to catch the ball, when suddenly I ran into him by accident and he fell over. A lot of people were angry at me mostly boys , but I just told them that it was just a game. It was a very close game but I knew that my team had won.

It was fun and I learnt how to bounce the ball straight. I felt really good as we walked back to class.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black Out Day

It was with a lot of excitement that I didn't get dressed in my uniform this morning because it was black out day for my school. There was going to be a sausage sizzle on as well. We wore black to show our support for the All Blacks on the opening day of the Rugby World Cup.

Running down the footpath shouted to my friend “Where are you going?” . A lot of people were wearing black clothes. As coins jingled in my pocket as I bounced about excitedly - I was going to buy a sausage for my lunch.

Arriving at school, I noticed, to my surprise, that even the teachers were wearing black. Miss Tito and Miss Va’afusuaga had black wigs on and even had their face painted. I thought to myself that today was going to be cool.

At assembly Mr Burt kept telling stories about the times when he was at rugby games and he was not wearing his hat. Mr Burt’s stories are very interesting and he is a great storyteller. Mabye he might write a book one day.

In our classroom we painted some All Black players so we can hang it in our room. We had to trace around a small person then go and paint the picture that we traced. Finishing painting we went inside to add more detail to it with crayons.

After morning tea team four all went to the courts to play some rugby games . The sun was shining and the sevens boys had set up some fun looking activities for us . I was in team Namibia.

Tackling the bags I got the hardest hit for bumping it off. As Feki did a example for the activity that we were going to do it looked very hard. When that finished we went to the next two boys which were doing kicking. It was fun and my team came third.

I ate my sausage at lunchtime under the of trees - it felt like summertime.

I had such a great black out day and I really hope that the All Blacks can win tonight. My brother is supporting Tonga, but I don’t know if they will win.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cross Country

As I walked to the ten year old cross country boys row I was eagerly awaiting to start the race. There were so much boys that I and Rocky were all the way at the back. Waiting for a long time the little kids all ready started there race.

I felt really nervous as I was sitting on the court which was warm. I really thought I was going to become at the back of the race. I was so lucky that I did not come at the back of the pack because I wasn't aiming for that position.

Walking to the start line I burst like a bolt of fire trying to not come last. Slowing down half way of the track my heart was pounding thinking that this will never end.
Exhausted and drained my lungs were burning unable to continue.

Finishing the race I was tired and happy at the same time, because at least I finished the cross country. As I got closer to the end I collapsed like stacks of blocks that got blown by the wind.

It was so cool but I was sad because I wasn't near the all the people that were coming first. But anyway I might beat them next year.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Manu Samoa Rugby Team

As I reached the Airport I was cold and it was taking a long time for the Manu Samoa Rugby Team to arrive. I was so cold that I just went and sat down at the Mc Donald's because the Manu Samoa were arriving on a stage outside. When they were on the stage all ready I got up and ran to see my dads favorite player which was number 7.

When I saw my mum and my sisters I wondered where my dad was because I didn't see him since he went and parked our car. So I went and looked for him and I saw him with my uncle. While I was next to them I got bored,so I went and painted my face. When I finish painting my face I went to my dad , but the weird thing was that my dad did not recognize me.

After it finished my dad went to the bus and tried to take pictures of his favorite player. My mum and I went and looked for my dad because we were lost because my dad and my sisters ran off. So I went and sat down waiting for my dad and my sisters to come. At last we saw them, I ran to the car so I can beep the horn because thats what all the other cars were doing.