Monday, September 12, 2011

Manu Samoa Rugby Team

As I reached the Airport I was cold and it was taking a long time for the Manu Samoa Rugby Team to arrive. I was so cold that I just went and sat down at the Mc Donald's because the Manu Samoa were arriving on a stage outside. When they were on the stage all ready I got up and ran to see my dads favorite player which was number 7.

When I saw my mum and my sisters I wondered where my dad was because I didn't see him since he went and parked our car. So I went and looked for him and I saw him with my uncle. While I was next to them I got bored,so I went and painted my face. When I finish painting my face I went to my dad , but the weird thing was that my dad did not recognize me.

After it finished my dad went to the bus and tried to take pictures of his favorite player. My mum and I went and looked for my dad because we were lost because my dad and my sisters ran off. So I went and sat down waiting for my dad and my sisters to come. At last we saw them, I ran to the car so I can beep the horn because thats what all the other cars were doing.


  1. Hey Uili

    YES!. Somebody thats finally cheering for Samoa go Samoa!!!!!!!.

  2. Hey Uili

    I like your story and go samoa!!!