Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Foot Washing Machine

What was the problem and how did you fix it? There was a problem at our school which were the fields, it was always muddy and we had to fix it. So we are trying to build a foot washing machine so that when we're muddy we can wash our feet. We chose this project because we are trying to make a difference about our dirty legs. We’re trying to make our fields better by putting a sign saying the fields are closed.
are inventing a foot washing machine because we have muddy fields and
every one has dirty feet. We’re just making a diorama to show the things
where we want to put it. When we do finish we just have to give it to
the asocial principle and he will pay the money to get all the stuff
that we need.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tornado At Albany

Roughly spinning around everything the people started running and shouting for help. The tornado was horrifying it lifted up a trampoline and smashed it on to a house. It was really strong that it even ripped the roof of pak'n save off. A lot of people were hurt and some had big egeries but most of the people had just small engeries.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Motat trip

Walking into the place where we were staying I was so excited that I wanted to run off but I was not allowed. As we finish eating our morning tea me and my class strolled off to a room to learn about inventions. It was really cool there because we played with a camera which was called a Browne. Me and my class ran out of the room running to the places they wanted to go to.

Jogging to the mirror maze I asked my teacher if my group can go inside, it was really funny because Gloria nearly knocked me over. My favorite thing was the tack tile dark dome because it was scary and we didn't know we were going. It was kind of stink because I went with girls. Finishing and coming out of the dark dome I felt good coming out with a smile. After we finished that we went to look around for a little bit. Running into the bus happiness surrounded me.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mr and Mrs Twit

As Mrs Twit and Mr Twit were going to get each of themselves guns, they told their circus monkeys to be on their head’s, upside down. Once the Twit’s left, the monkeys got up and said to their friend the Roly-Poly bird to get the key that was in Mr Twits garage.
Running out of the cage, Muggle-Wump told all of the birds on the roof to go inside the house and paint the whole ceiling with sticky glue so that they could put all the furniture on the ceiling. Walking back into their house, Mr and Mrs Twit felt something drop on to their heads. They thought it was bird pooh, but it was super Hugtight glue. When they saw that everything was up on the ceiling they both decided to stand on their heads. The Twits were now stuck there forever.