Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Alfajorcitos

Que’ rico que son los alfajorcitos. Muy delicioso. I was so excited when Miss King told us that we were going to do something yummy because I love yum food. As Miss King showed us what we were going to taste it smelt very nice and looked like caramel.

Alfajorcitos is a very popular snack in Argentina and it has got a nice taste. You can make it by buying condensed milk and boiling it for three hours. After that you put it in the freezer until it turns brown.

Waiting for the alfajorcitos to come around I was dieing to have a taste. It was really sticky and goey as I spread the it over my yummy biscuit. As I gobbled it all in my mouth it gave a crack and made crums.

It was a very good experience to taste something that we’ve never tasted before. Now I can make these yummy snacks at home.


  1. Hi Uili I like your picutre that is very cool like you.
    By Levi

  2. HI uili it's me levi your biscuit looks YUM to eat.
    From Levi