Monday, June 30, 2014

Rugby League Tournament

Rugby League

On Wednesday morning the league boys from around Pt England School went to Dunkirk to play Rugby League. We were very excited to play against the other schools in our cluster. We were lucky that we went in the car to Dunkirk because it started to rain a little.

When we set up the tent our team went to warm up for our first game against Panmure Bridge. As we jogged onto the field the wind started to pick up and it was getting cold so we had to run a lot more to get warm. We scored the first try of the game. They were a good team to play against but I reckon they could’ve done better. At full time the score was 0 - 5 to us.

Our second game was up against Tamaki Primary. They were the hardest team for us. When we kicked off we rushed up as a line and made our first tackles. It was a really tough team but we managed to pull through and win.

Next we were playing our own team which was Pt England B Team. We were so excited to play against our own team because we knew what their strengths were and their weaknesses. We had a lot of fun playing against our B Team. We were really lucky to win because they were one of the toughest team as well.

We were very happy when we won because we are now the best in Tamaki. I hope we can have this league tournament again!


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your day Uili. Well done.

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