Friday, December 14, 2012

The Year In Room 16

Room 16 is the best class I have ever been in because Mr Somerville always plays music in class when we are quiet and he lets us have some free time on our netbooks when we have finished our work! It is really cool in room 16 because if you are really good Mr S will give you a green card, a green card is like a point for being good and at the end of every term Mr S has a auction for the hole class. You could get all of these cool toys and sports stuff by buying with how many green cards you've had in a term. So far Mr S said to me that I am winning green cards this term.

I really like to spend time with my friends in class and I also like to talk to them as well, I try to not talk in class because if I do I always get into trouble. Sometimes when I do talk to my friends my friend get's the blame if my teacher see's him talking, but it was actually me that started to talk. I feel bad when they get the blame because they didn't start talking to me it was myself. I love room 16.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Dog Alfie

Alfie is a pet of mine which is a pitbull, he does bite only if you get him angry he will bite your face. I like to play with him a lot with a ball, he knows how to fetch but he doesn't bring the ball back to me. Do you like to play with your pets? Alfie is a boy he is really tough and has a lot of fights with other dogs. When he was a puppy he bit me on the lip, I didn't do anything to him I was just watching Scooby Doo. After that I got really mad and gave him a slap on the back and then he ran to the kitchen.

Do you hate pets when they are viscous and annoying because if you do you can forgive because of there little puppy eyes. Please don't hit pets like what I did!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been the best year for me using a netbook because I have learnt a lot of things I didn’t know last year. It has been challenging using a Netbook sometimes, but most of the time it has been awesome. The first time I got my netbook I was really excited , actually I was more than excited I was over the moon, I wasn't really but you know what I mean. It was the first time I had ever used a netbook, it was a little bit awkward because I was really excited to use it but I never really knew what to do.

The great thing about using a netbook is learning how to be cybersmart, you can be cybersmart by doing a lot of things like solving other people’s problems and knowing what to do when your internet is slow or something. It is really better than using pencils and paper, What would you prefer paper and pencils or a fantastic netbook? I already know your answer, it is Netbooks. It is really fun because we have a lot of working space’s like under a tree or recording inside a quiet room. I love writing story’s, narrative’s and recounts because when I was a little boy I liked to write with a pencil, that was where it all started.

I really get frustrated when my internet is really slow because all the work I did was not saved and that means that it was all gone. I think that the netbook’s need to be stronger and have stronger hinges because it is really easy to break, a lot of people’s hinges have come off and screen’s cracked. I am really lucky I don’t have any of those problem, I must be GIFTED.

I thank Mr and Mrs Burt for this opportunity for using netbooks.I really liked using a netbook this year. I look forward how next year is going to go.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Funniest Thing On Camp

There was not that much people that did anything funny, but I did something I wasn't meant to do, It wasn't really funny because it happened to me and only Mr Marks saw me do this. When we woke up on the first morning of camp we went for a run in the woods, it was really tiring going up the steep hills and it was really slippery as well. The run was nearly over and I was starving.

When I was near the end I had to hold on to trees so I can reach the bottom of the hill. As I was going down I let go of the trees and started to jog down the hill, jogging was really hard because you had to lean back so you wouldn't fall over. I started to run and as I was running my legs were out of control and when I reached the bottom I face planted on to the ground. It was not embarrassing because the only person to see me fall over was Mr Marks.

Next time you run down a big hill WATCH OUT!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Smurfs is one of my favourite movie's that have interesting characters and they also have a lot of funny parts in the movie as well. I really like watching when it is a rainy day. My favourite character is papa Smurf because  he is an old person that is always prepared for an adventure. I think the funniest Smurf is Brainy Smurf because whenever a character doesn't say something right or do some thing right he would always correct them in a funny way or some times he is wrong. People may think Brainy Smurf is not funny but that's what I think. Have you seen the because if you haven't here is the trailer!!!