Friday, December 14, 2012

The Year In Room 16

Room 16 is the best class I have ever been in because Mr Somerville always plays music in class when we are quiet and he lets us have some free time on our netbooks when we have finished our work! It is really cool in room 16 because if you are really good Mr S will give you a green card, a green card is like a point for being good and at the end of every term Mr S has a auction for the hole class. You could get all of these cool toys and sports stuff by buying with how many green cards you've had in a term. So far Mr S said to me that I am winning green cards this term.

I really like to spend time with my friends in class and I also like to talk to them as well, I try to not talk in class because if I do I always get into trouble. Sometimes when I do talk to my friends my friend get's the blame if my teacher see's him talking, but it was actually me that started to talk. I feel bad when they get the blame because they didn't start talking to me it was myself. I love room 16.

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