Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Student VS Wild

As I went onto student vs wild website I saw that our class movie was on. It was kind of sad when I saw it because I looked to see how many votes we had and we had none. For those of you who don’t know what Student Vs Wild is!! Well it is a movie competition for school’s around New Zealand for years 1 to year thirteen. You would have to make a movie about why you are stuck at school and how you are going to survive. Still don’t get it well watch my class movie hope you enjoy and please vote for our movie!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

Wow Term 1 went really fast and It was also one of the busiest term’s ever!!! It was really cool when we got to meet our new and improved teacher’s. This term was really fun because I got to do all sorts of things like going to Tamaki college for Tech, doing triathlon and seeing the blues team at the Marist Rugby club.

The first time I went to tech at TC was really exciting because I got to be in the graphic’s class. Our tutor was an asian who’s name was Mr Nobel Pineda, he was a really talented artist. The first thing we drew with him was decorative letter’s, we had to draw our name’s but decorate them. In the end it would look something like this.

When we went to the field for our class triathlon everyone was really excited mostly the BOYS!!! When the girls went to do the triathlon they were not really excited as the boys. It was really fun this term, I wonder how it’s going to be next term.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


When I arrived at school last thursday I saw a lot of people with really wacky hair. They were also wearing mufti. IT WAS WACKY HAIR DAY!!!!!!  I was so pleased to see other student’s with wacky hair, some student’s just wore a wig. But as for me I didn’t really want to wear mufti or have wacky hair so I just wore my uniform .

Later that day people go to go to the hall for a competition for who’s hear looked the best. There were also prizes. My friend Levi went onto the stage with some other kids to have a dougie battle. Levi was really good at dougieing because he always practises. Who ever was the best would win a prize and GUESS WHAT!!!!  Levi won and he was so happy.

I wonder what the next wacky hair day is going to be like!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Assembly Cook island Drummers

As the cook island drummers were getting ready to perform in assembly, our school drumming group got to perform as well. When our school drumming group finish performing the cook islander drummer were getting their drumming sticks ready.

When they started to drum our school was really amazed at how they drummed.  While they were drumming four girls went onto the stage to do a traditional dance which is could the hula. They were wearing something on there head which looked really feathery. They were also wearing a skirt which was very feathery.

I was really amazed at the drummers and the hula dancers. The cool thing about the dancers was that two of them were from our school.  I was hoping that the drummers would perform one more time but they didn't.  

I wonder if they are ever going to perform for our school again!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Holidays!!!!

Easter represents the resurrection of Christ. It is also a public holiday from Easter Friday to Easter Monday. Do you know why Easter eggs are involved in Easter? The Easter egg represents new life, for example a real chicken egg when it hatches there is a baby chick inside which is new life.

The Easter holidays were really fun because I got to go to Pokeno which is part of Hamilton. We drove there because we wanted ice cream from this dairy. The cool thing was that the biggest ice cream that you could buy had nineteen scoops of any of your flavours. My whole family got three scoops of ice cream which was really big. My mum only got two. We all went for seconds because it was so delicious.

When I arrived at church everyone was just talking about what they did for Easter. It was really fun at church because we all got an Easter egg and ate it all.

Easter is one of my favourite holidays because  you get to spend extra time with your family and friends. I wonder what next year’s Easter is going to be like?