Monday, April 15, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

Wow Term 1 went really fast and It was also one of the busiest term’s ever!!! It was really cool when we got to meet our new and improved teacher’s. This term was really fun because I got to do all sorts of things like going to Tamaki college for Tech, doing triathlon and seeing the blues team at the Marist Rugby club.

The first time I went to tech at TC was really exciting because I got to be in the graphic’s class. Our tutor was an asian who’s name was Mr Nobel Pineda, he was a really talented artist. The first thing we drew with him was decorative letter’s, we had to draw our name’s but decorate them. In the end it would look something like this.

When we went to the field for our class triathlon everyone was really excited mostly the BOYS!!! When the girls went to do the triathlon they were not really excited as the boys. It was really fun this term, I wonder how it’s going to be next term.

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