Wednesday, April 10, 2013


When I arrived at school last thursday I saw a lot of people with really wacky hair. They were also wearing mufti. IT WAS WACKY HAIR DAY!!!!!!  I was so pleased to see other student’s with wacky hair, some student’s just wore a wig. But as for me I didn’t really want to wear mufti or have wacky hair so I just wore my uniform .

Later that day people go to go to the hall for a competition for who’s hear looked the best. There were also prizes. My friend Levi went onto the stage with some other kids to have a dougie battle. Levi was really good at dougieing because he always practises. Who ever was the best would win a prize and GUESS WHAT!!!!  Levi won and he was so happy.

I wonder what the next wacky hair day is going to be like!!

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