Monday, April 8, 2013

Assembly Cook island Drummers

As the cook island drummers were getting ready to perform in assembly, our school drumming group got to perform as well. When our school drumming group finish performing the cook islander drummer were getting their drumming sticks ready.

When they started to drum our school was really amazed at how they drummed.  While they were drumming four girls went onto the stage to do a traditional dance which is could the hula. They were wearing something on there head which looked really feathery. They were also wearing a skirt which was very feathery.

I was really amazed at the drummers and the hula dancers. The cool thing about the dancers was that two of them were from our school.  I was hoping that the drummers would perform one more time but they didn't.  

I wonder if they are ever going to perform for our school again!!!

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