Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Holidays!!!!

Easter represents the resurrection of Christ. It is also a public holiday from Easter Friday to Easter Monday. Do you know why Easter eggs are involved in Easter? The Easter egg represents new life, for example a real chicken egg when it hatches there is a baby chick inside which is new life.

The Easter holidays were really fun because I got to go to Pokeno which is part of Hamilton. We drove there because we wanted ice cream from this dairy. The cool thing was that the biggest ice cream that you could buy had nineteen scoops of any of your flavours. My whole family got three scoops of ice cream which was really big. My mum only got two. We all went for seconds because it was so delicious.

When I arrived at church everyone was just talking about what they did for Easter. It was really fun at church because we all got an Easter egg and ate it all.

Easter is one of my favourite holidays because  you get to spend extra time with your family and friends. I wonder what next year’s Easter is going to be like?

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