Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Martin Luther King

This week is the 50th Anniversary for Martin Luther King’s speech about his dream . Martin Luther King is famous for his long fight for equal rights against the whites.

Martin Luther King was born on January 15th 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He was very good at his school work and he also went to Boston University for a year and soon became a lawyer. His father was a minister. He wanted the black people to have the same equal rights and opportunities as the whites..  The schools were separated from black and white’s.  

In America when black people were in poverty, wherever they went on a bus they always had to sit at the back of the bus. Sometimes when there is no more seats for the whites the black people would have to give up their seats. Rosa Park is a black women that refused to give up her seat, she didn't get up so she was arrested. After that happened the black people didn’t go on the bus and started protesting. They all boycotted the bus so the bus drivers can lose their money and the blacks could go on the bus and sit any where.

Soon after a few years Martin became a minister and the blacks from there on could have the same civil rights as the whites. This all happened because Martin Luther King fought for civil rights. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April the 4th 1968.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creative Strand Bruno Mars Treasure

I think we did our best to try to make the movie flow with the acting and the music. I’m not sure if it was the best movie but at least we got something done. I was happy with it because the music went good with the acting and I think the moral of the story was, don’t get your hopes up. I think that they showed a lot of emotion when they were lip singing the song, they also did very good acting too.

I reckon our settings were ok but we didn't use any animations because we did not have much time to do it.   I’m not 100% sure that the movie was the best, but I think it was pretty good. The cool thing was that everyone in my group took part and did something involving the movie.  We were able to plan and agree with each other. Nothing was an issue except the weather. We managed to get our movie finished in time and we were happy with what we had worked on.

Auri,Uili,Tj Bruno Mars Treasure song from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Cross Country

As the whole school walked to the courts to sit down everyone was in there house colours. When everyone was seated Mr Burt introduced the helpers from Tamaki College and after that the house captains said there cheers. The first runners to start running were the five year old girls and then the five year old boys. It was really burning sitting on the courts so the whole of the intermediate walked across the field and sat under the tall trees.

It was much better in the shade because it was cooler. It was very nerve racking watching the others ready to race. As the runners past the intermediate when we were sitting down, we cheered for them. It took a very long time until it was my race. The year seven boys walked up to the line and listened to what Mr Burt was telling us. As Mr Burt turned on the siran my friends all started sprinting and they all left me hanging at the back. A few minutes passed and a lot of them were already slowing down. Reaching the reserve I was almost going to stop but then I saw some boys behind me and I started to jog faster.

I ran the first lap nonstop and when I was on my second lap I ran past the year eight boys that were getting ready to race. I finished the race a few minutes after the bell rang. I washed my feet and then I went back to class. I was really tired so I went home had a shower and went to sleep.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King were both inspiring people and still are to this day. They both created Important history and suffered to try to make things right with the white people. Both of them wanted the black people to have the same rights as the whites. There lives were not so good there were a lot of violence and murders.

Nelson Mandela was born on the 18th of July 1918 in South Africa-Transkei . He was later given the name nelson by a teacher at his school. The years had passed and when Nelson was nine his father died and he was looked after by Jongintaba Dalindyebo. Nelson was very good at his school work. Nelson Mandela was famous for his long fight against bad government and racial prejudice. He went to prison for 27 years from 1962 to 1990. He was sent to prison for trying to make his civil rights as the same as the white people. 4 years later he became president in 1994 and retired in 1999.

Top Songs From The 1990's

Friday, August 9, 2013

Creative Strand-Polynesian Wood Prints

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
I really enjoyed drawing my practices for my wood prints. I also really enjoyed carving my wood print because it was something I had never tried before and it was lot’s of fun.

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like?
I did not like drying my wood print after it was printed with paint because I had to dry it with paper. I did NOT like listening to the to the instructions.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
I was really interested by the patterns that were drawn by the artists. I did not even know all the samoan patterns that I saw. There were lot’s of different patterns.

White Hat - What did I learn?I learnt to carve on a little plank of wood. I also learnt how to print my plank of wood with paint.