Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King were both inspiring people and still are to this day. They both created Important history and suffered to try to make things right with the white people. Both of them wanted the black people to have the same rights as the whites. There lives were not so good there were a lot of violence and murders.

Nelson Mandela was born on the 18th of July 1918 in South Africa-Transkei . He was later given the name nelson by a teacher at his school. The years had passed and when Nelson was nine his father died and he was looked after by Jongintaba Dalindyebo. Nelson was very good at his school work. Nelson Mandela was famous for his long fight against bad government and racial prejudice. He went to prison for 27 years from 1962 to 1990. He was sent to prison for trying to make his civil rights as the same as the white people. 4 years later he became president in 1994 and retired in 1999.

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