Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Cross Country

As the whole school walked to the courts to sit down everyone was in there house colours. When everyone was seated Mr Burt introduced the helpers from Tamaki College and after that the house captains said there cheers. The first runners to start running were the five year old girls and then the five year old boys. It was really burning sitting on the courts so the whole of the intermediate walked across the field and sat under the tall trees.

It was much better in the shade because it was cooler. It was very nerve racking watching the others ready to race. As the runners past the intermediate when we were sitting down, we cheered for them. It took a very long time until it was my race. The year seven boys walked up to the line and listened to what Mr Burt was telling us. As Mr Burt turned on the siran my friends all started sprinting and they all left me hanging at the back. A few minutes passed and a lot of them were already slowing down. Reaching the reserve I was almost going to stop but then I saw some boys behind me and I started to jog faster.

I ran the first lap nonstop and when I was on my second lap I ran past the year eight boys that were getting ready to race. I finished the race a few minutes after the bell rang. I washed my feet and then I went back to class. I was really tired so I went home had a shower and went to sleep.

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