Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Yesterday our class got to go on sites to learn about different sounds. We had to match sound waves and got to learn how sounds are low pitch and high pitch. If you would like to have a go at the games we played click on sound.

I learnt that the thinner a string on a guitar the higher the note is and the thicker the string is the lower the pitch. We had to complete a quiz as well as listening to the instruments. If you would like to play this game click on the sound.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Goals for This Term

I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve. I would like to set goals for reading, writing, maths and sports. I go on maths whizz everyday and try to do my best at it. I try to do math whizz at home so I can improve and get a good report. We also get given math work to do in our books every week. My goal for math’s this term is to do at home so i can improve.

Writing is one of the many subjects I am not very good at. I always try to make my writing more interesting but I am always forgetting one or two things in my writing that isn’t there. I have never done a blog post at home so my goal is to do it.

At this stage my reading is still the same. I read at home but not very much at school. We haven’t really got reading work this term but I am looking forward to it. My goal is to read everyday.

Sports is my favourite subject of all well it’s actually P.E. I like to play and run around because it’s a good way to lose weight and its fun too. I joined the rugby team for school and I am having a lot of fun. We have a tournament coming up this term and I can’t wait. I don’t really know what my goal is but if I had to it would be to have fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2014



Our class went to the hall this morning for badminton. I wasn’t expecting P.E in the morning but that didn’t really bother me. When we sat down in the hall we saw a badminton rackets and shuttles. There was a man standing in the hall waiting for us, his name was Robbie.

“Okay guys my name is Robbie and I’m going to be taking you guys for badminton, but first let’s play a warm up game” he said with excitement. Everyone was looking tired but it was a good time to wake them up.

After we finished our warm up we went through some drills. We learnt how to hold the racket then we had a go at hitting the shuttles by ourselves. As I looked around at the other students they were going hard out and were having fun. I had fun playing badminton this morning. I can’t wait for the next one!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


                                                                   (  In the Holidays )

“Yes I can’t wait for the great amazing race” I thought to myself with excitement. I got to participate in the great amazing race with my youth group. The race started at Mission bay.  As I shut the car door I looked over to see who was there and it was my youth group and YSA. (Young Single Adults.)

We were all divided up into 4 groups. When it started our first task was to make a banner with our group name on it. We were called The Latter Day Soldiers. We were the third group to finish that task and we were onto the next.

Our next task was to make a basket out of any material but on one condition, we were only allowed to use stuff from nature. The only thing we could use that was not from nature was string. We used sticks, long branches, leaves and seaweed to hold our basket. We then had to put 8 raw eggs in our basket and we had to make sure that they didn't crack.

The next task was to walk all the way to Okahu bay and complete some tasks on the way. When we were half-way we stopped and we all had to make the word OKAHU with our bodies and take a photo of it for proof. No one in our group was allowed to take the photo it had to be a stranger. When we had done that we arrived at the Okahu Playground.

Our whole group then had to go on the slide, one by one and we had to video it to show proof. After that we had to go to a big tree where our pit stops were. Three people from our group had to eat hot cross buns. They weren't allowed to use their hands, the hot cross buns were hanging from the tree and that was the hardest thing about it. While they were eating the rest of the group had to make an Easter bunny out of balloons, tape and straws. It was really hard but we got the job done.

We had finished all our tasks and headed back to Mission Bay for a feed.

I hope I get to do this again!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

This morning on the 5th of May our school had an amazing immersion assembly. The prefects and some other helpers helped put up helium balloons in the hall. Mr Burt also ordered 100 little football to give out in assembly. The theme that the Pt England teachers came up with is 

As the students walked into the hall I could see there eye’s amazed by all the colours of balloons that were floating in the air. Levi, Isara and Mr Burt tied helium balloons to a little stuffed New York taxi. It took 16 balloons to lift the little stuffed taxi. It was a very exciting thing to watch.

Team 1 are going to the zoo tomorrow to learn about how the animals are kept in their cages and how they are fed. In immersion assembly the team 1 teachers were wearing animal masks. A movie was shown on the screen it showed all sorts of animals like, giraffe's, zebra's and monkey's. 

Team 2 are learning about flight. All of the team 2 teachers went on the stage and threw planes at the school, it was really fun to watch. Three of the teachers were dressed up as planes and one of them were dressed up as a pilot. 

Team 3 is learning about colours. The teachers were dressed up in different colours like green, white, black, yellow, red, and blue. They said that when a rainbow is formed it is because the sun shines through tiny little drops of rain and it makes all the colours. That is what form's a rainbow.

Team 4 is learning about how do things float on the water. A clip showed on the screen of a flat piece of wood floating in the water. They taught us that when you place a paper clip on water it will sink. I didn't know that until they told the school.

Finally Team 5 are learning about sound and how it works. The team 5 teachers went up the front and were holding instruments that no one had ever seen before. As they started to play them it didn't really sound right, until the movie was shown.

I can’t wait to learn about sounds this term!