Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

This morning on the 5th of May our school had an amazing immersion assembly. The prefects and some other helpers helped put up helium balloons in the hall. Mr Burt also ordered 100 little football to give out in assembly. The theme that the Pt England teachers came up with is 

As the students walked into the hall I could see there eye’s amazed by all the colours of balloons that were floating in the air. Levi, Isara and Mr Burt tied helium balloons to a little stuffed New York taxi. It took 16 balloons to lift the little stuffed taxi. It was a very exciting thing to watch.

Team 1 are going to the zoo tomorrow to learn about how the animals are kept in their cages and how they are fed. In immersion assembly the team 1 teachers were wearing animal masks. A movie was shown on the screen it showed all sorts of animals like, giraffe's, zebra's and monkey's. 

Team 2 are learning about flight. All of the team 2 teachers went on the stage and threw planes at the school, it was really fun to watch. Three of the teachers were dressed up as planes and one of them were dressed up as a pilot. 

Team 3 is learning about colours. The teachers were dressed up in different colours like green, white, black, yellow, red, and blue. They said that when a rainbow is formed it is because the sun shines through tiny little drops of rain and it makes all the colours. That is what form's a rainbow.

Team 4 is learning about how do things float on the water. A clip showed on the screen of a flat piece of wood floating in the water. They taught us that when you place a paper clip on water it will sink. I didn't know that until they told the school.

Finally Team 5 are learning about sound and how it works. The team 5 teachers went up the front and were holding instruments that no one had ever seen before. As they started to play them it didn't really sound right, until the movie was shown.

I can’t wait to learn about sounds this term!

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  1. Hi Uili nice recount about immersion assembly keep up the good work Rocky