Monday, May 12, 2014

My Goals for This Term

I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve. I would like to set goals for reading, writing, maths and sports. I go on maths whizz everyday and try to do my best at it. I try to do math whizz at home so I can improve and get a good report. We also get given math work to do in our books every week. My goal for math’s this term is to do at home so i can improve.

Writing is one of the many subjects I am not very good at. I always try to make my writing more interesting but I am always forgetting one or two things in my writing that isn’t there. I have never done a blog post at home so my goal is to do it.

At this stage my reading is still the same. I read at home but not very much at school. We haven’t really got reading work this term but I am looking forward to it. My goal is to read everyday.

Sports is my favourite subject of all well it’s actually P.E. I like to play and run around because it’s a good way to lose weight and its fun too. I joined the rugby team for school and I am having a lot of fun. We have a tournament coming up this term and I can’t wait. I don’t really know what my goal is but if I had to it would be to have fun!

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