Wednesday, May 7, 2014


                                                                   (  In the Holidays )

“Yes I can’t wait for the great amazing race” I thought to myself with excitement. I got to participate in the great amazing race with my youth group. The race started at Mission bay.  As I shut the car door I looked over to see who was there and it was my youth group and YSA. (Young Single Adults.)

We were all divided up into 4 groups. When it started our first task was to make a banner with our group name on it. We were called The Latter Day Soldiers. We were the third group to finish that task and we were onto the next.

Our next task was to make a basket out of any material but on one condition, we were only allowed to use stuff from nature. The only thing we could use that was not from nature was string. We used sticks, long branches, leaves and seaweed to hold our basket. We then had to put 8 raw eggs in our basket and we had to make sure that they didn't crack.

The next task was to walk all the way to Okahu bay and complete some tasks on the way. When we were half-way we stopped and we all had to make the word OKAHU with our bodies and take a photo of it for proof. No one in our group was allowed to take the photo it had to be a stranger. When we had done that we arrived at the Okahu Playground.

Our whole group then had to go on the slide, one by one and we had to video it to show proof. After that we had to go to a big tree where our pit stops were. Three people from our group had to eat hot cross buns. They weren't allowed to use their hands, the hot cross buns were hanging from the tree and that was the hardest thing about it. While they were eating the rest of the group had to make an Easter bunny out of balloons, tape and straws. It was really hard but we got the job done.

We had finished all our tasks and headed back to Mission Bay for a feed.

I hope I get to do this again!!

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