Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art of a couch

I like this piece of art because it is colorful and their is a lot of cool patterns. Miss M and some of the room 15 kids made this last year. If you don't know what this art is, it is actually a couch, it look's pretty amazing,(DOES'NT IT LOOK SO COOOOOOL)

Picasso Art

This is my Picasso Art and it looks pretty cool. I finished it just in time for the school holidays.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Favourite Thing This Term

This is the last week of the term and I can't wait  until it's the school holidays because I have  worked enough. My favourite thing this term was rugby and league. Tomorrow I have a league tournament and we're going to Mt Smart. It is the Auckland Champs, we are going there because we won the eastern zone. It was a really fun day because I got two big tries and they were both a runaway.  I hope my team will be the Auckland Champions, I am really confident that my team is going to try their best to win.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Walking into the hall I felt nervous because when I looked around, I was the only BOY THERE. Soon, David and Jeffty came and I didn’t feel so nervous. That whole day since they were there to support my rap. It was kind of frightening when I performed in front of the P.E.P.A groups because I was the first one on stage. Happiness surrounded me as I walked off the stage. I felt really confident after I finished performing, I went and had a break and something to eat and drink.

P.E.P.A practice was nearly over and I was getting tired. When all of the other groups finished practicing it was time to rehearse. When I was rapping I felt really good because it was finally over and I got to go home. As I was walking out of the hall I knew I had to walk home because my Dad’s car wasn’t there.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Respect is a sign of kindness and taking charge , It is very important to my school. I sometimes don’t listen to my parents, But I do take charge after they finish telling me what to do. If they tell me to clean my room I would go and do it because no one else would do it for me, (I’M NOT A LITTLE CHILD).

I do listen to teachers because I don’t like to get into trouble. It is very awkward that I don’t listen to my parents but I listen to the teachers at my school. The reason why I listen to teachers is that , if they asks me to do a worksheet I would say yes because I would have to do it.

Acrostic Poem

Eyes and ears