Friday, December 13, 2013


Prizegiving was really hot and it was also packed with parents too. Mr Burt introduced himself to the parents and started to talk about the students and how we were all doing good at our learning. After Mr Burt finished speaking he called out the names for the prizes. A lot of people got a prize for sports and academic.After the years five’s awards were over it was time for their performance.  The Year five’s item was really cool and fun to watch because the moves were big and they were smiling.

After the year’s five item was finished Mr burt called up the Year six’s to get their awards and prizes. There were more awards than the year five’s because the year six’s had to have a sportsman of the year and a sportswoman, and they had more awards for different things also. The years six’s item was really funky because they danced to the trouble maker song and they went all out too.

After the year six’s item they announced the the academic, 100% Attendance, House Captains, Prefects and the helpful people in the school for the year sevens. I got one award which was for 2014 prefect, I was really happy that I got the award. My parents were really happy with me. When the year sevens awards and prizes were over it was time for our year seven item. Our item was really amazing because we had dancing in it as well as a play. We all enjoyed dancing and acting.

As the last awards for the years eights were handed it was soon the year eights item. As soon as their dance started all you could hear was the crowd screaming. Just as they finished the whole school sat down and turn to the audience and sung our school song.

I wonder if next years prizegiving is going to be better than this years?

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