Monday, December 9, 2013

Action World

''Yus'' I said to myself, I couldn't wait to get on the bus and make our way to Action World. I was so happy when the year 8's were gone!! While we were riding on the motorway some kids decided to play a game called sweet & sour. If you haven't heard of the game well it goes like this. You would have to play with another person and you would have to wave to the person in the other car and if they reply they are sweet but if they don't they are sour.

As we arrived at action world we hopped out of the bus and walked to the front gate.  As soon as we walked pass the office we saw a man and 4 instructors waiting for us. Our teachers split us up into groups and got two leaders. My group's two leaders were Miss Va'afusuaga  and Mrs Samuels.

When the instructor finished telling us the rules we got straight into it. Our first event was a weird swinging monkey bars.
This was fun but I don't think it was really exciting because it was just the same as swinging on the monkey bars at school.

I had lots of fun there I hope I could go again!

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