Monday, December 12, 2011

Problems About Jupiter

The problem on my planet Jupiter is that there is too much storms. If you were to land on Jupiter the thing is that you can’t . If you want to know why you can’t land on Jupiter , It’s because it is a gas giant. Planets with gas has no ground which means that you will just sink.

If you wanted to walk on Jupiter what would you do , because it has no ground.I think that road men should build concrete over the gas so people can’t sink. It is a good idea because you don’t want to stay at home all day doing nothing.

You would need a lot of water too live on Jupiter. Water is very important because if you run around to much, when you breathe in and out you are actually breathing out all the water you drank. So to fix the problem I think we should have robots carrying tanks to Jupiter.

My favourite solution for me is air because with out air none of us would be alive. If we were to fix this problem , there should be a pipe connected to every house and if the kids wanted to play outside they should have a big tank of air attached to there nose.

I think that if we lived on Jupiter It would not be that frustrating to live on . All it needs is a few things to do and you will have a planet to live on just like earth.

Netbook Reflection

Most definitely the best thing I have had since my netbook came to my class is that we make a lot of movies and I can post a lot of my writing on my blog. It has been a big difference for me is that it is easier to write and easy to do math because we have two programs which helps us with math.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked about Internet problems. I don’t like it how I turn on my netbook and the mouse doesnt work because I always have to restart it. This happens nearly everyday it is how the kids in our class get on to the Internet and others don’t . It is always frustrating for my class and even my teacher to get on the Internet.

I think this year I have been Cyber Smart most of the time. It has been very difficult using my netbook because when I first got it I always played online games. But I’ve managed to not get distracted and to do the right thing. The netbook has been a big diffrence in my life .

It would be very sad for people and they would be so angry. If the netbooks failed I would just carry on.

Theme song

Stuck On Internet (mp3)