Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pirate Story

Arr'h me matey For your information my name is Captian Smarty Pants . I have yellow pants with pink stripes . My jacket is black and I have an eye patch . I've got a parrot called Jackie , My Pirate ship is very big . I've got a wooden leg which is very easy to walk around with. A shark bit my leg off when I went fishing one day, anyway that was all I wanted to say.

I was looking for treasure on an island , it was very hard to find because a lot of animals would chase after me. As I was walking around the trees I saw another pirate , I what he’s doing here he’s looking for the treasure too. I was so angry , I knew that it was going to be very hard to find the treasure when they were around.

Finally I saw the booty, it was near the other pirates but they didn’t see it. It was the time for me to take all the jewlery , Sneaking to the chest the pirate saw me and started to chase me . I was getting so tired. I just turned around and started to have a sword fight. when he swung his sword at me I dodged it and ran to put the jewlery into my pocket. I ran so fast that I could see my boat, I quickly jumped in the ship and got away. I was very lucky to escape , that was one of my favourite adventures.


  1. Hey Uili
    I like how you described what you would look like as a pirate. Your adventure sounded cool, at least you got some treasure. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Uili I like your picture of pirate story because is cool and you have cool picture.