Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson

Walking to the bus I felt excited to meet Dr. Ben Carson , even though I didn’t know him I still wanted to meet him. While we were on the bus the places we went past were very interesting. As we strolled out onto the grass we lined up and we waited for a very long time , finally we went inside to sit down. It was very noisy. There were a lot of different schools there, my school had the most children there. It was like there was a rugby game there.

As Dr. Ben Carson was telling us about his story, he told us that he was the dumbest in the class. His mum went around to houses so she can clean it and get money for her kids. She was very poor. The only thing that Ben and his brother do is watch TV . One day Ben’s mother went to the library and got books for her two son’s to read. When she got back home she turned off the TV and said, read this book and write an SA about it. Ben and his brother were very angry, but they did it any way.

Ben was reading a book about rocks, when he finished reading it he went to school the next day and there teacher held up a rock and said what is this called. As Ben looked around the classroom no one put there hand up. Since no one put there hand up Ben did, everyone looked at him and said this is going to be a good one, but Ben wasn’t scared, his answer was Obsidian. The teacher was shocked and said to him that is correct and that was the beginning of a new life.


  1. Hi Uili.I like our story and our picture too you got a good story is cool I like and you got a long story cool Dr Ben Carson he is cool man in the would but I like him

    by Tevita

  2. Sorry I Forgot to edit: Hi Uili. I like your story and your pictures too you got a good story is cool and you've got a long story Dr Ben Carson he is the coolest man in the world.

    By Tevita Lavaka

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