Monday, February 27, 2012

Duffy Theater

Have you ever heard of Duffy Theater? Duffy Theater is a group of 3 people that do plays. Duffy loves to read, he has a little brother called Scruffy. The theme of there play was The Best Book In The World. As we sat down we were already sweating.

As they started the play Duffy introduced himself and his little brother Scruffy. My favorite part was when Scruffy was doing a Michael Jackson dance. We all laughed when Duffy and Scruffy did a robot dance together .

The story went on as Duffy and Scruffy was going through a garage sale. At last Duffy found The Best Book In The World. When he saw the book he just opened it and stood very still reading it. Scruffy wanted to play with him, but Duffy wasn't answering. So Scruffy went outside to play rugby with his cousin Manu .

It was a very fun and long story. It was the best Duffy Theater I’ve ever had.

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