Monday, June 30, 2014

Term 2 Reflection

                                                        Term 2 Reflection

This term was a great term because I got to know my classmates better and I learnt new things. My favorite thing about this term was sports because we came first place in rugby and league. I also like going to technology at Tamaki College on Tuesday morning. The subject that I liked the best at tech was Cooking Tech. The subject I’m attending at Tech now is graphics.

Maori this Term was really fun because we got to learn new prayers and got to play bingo but in Maori. The prayers we learnt this term were for when you eat your food. We also learnt how to count to one million in Maori. Then we had a go at playing bingo and Miss Tito would say the numbers in Maori and we had to know them so we could get BINGO.

It was also cool helping with every assembly since I am a Prefect. The only thing I didn’t like about helping with assembly was that one of the Prefects would have to say their Mihi and Karakia. It is the Prefects responsibility to run assembly.

This term has been really fun, I hope next term will be better.

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