Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

The theme for this term is Game On. This term we are learning about the Common Wealth Games. The Common Wealth Games are going to be held in a city called Glasgow in Scotland for 2014. There are going to be 54 nations competing in 2014.

As our school assembly started Mr Jacobsen entered the hall riding his bike. We also got to see a video on the projector of Mr Burt telling us that there was a quiz the school was going to do. The quiz was to find out where Mr Burt was.

On the projector it showed team one’s video about the Commonwealth Games. Team one’s video showed some of the nations that were competing. They were all dressed like they were going to be participating in one of the sports. It also showed one of our teachers dressed up like the queen giving a speech.

Team two’s video popped up on the screen and it was a video of them playing different sports. We were also very lucky because one of our older teachers came back to our school to teach. She was also in the video. They were playing sports like netball, shotput, swimming and running. The video was very funny as well as team one’s.

The teachers of team three walked up on the stage and were dressed up like they were gymnasts. They were holding ribbons and wearing tutu’s. It showed a video of other gymnasts competing against each other. Gymnastics is one of the hardest sports in the world to me because you would have to be very flexible and skinny to compete in this sport.

When team three’s video was over team four’s video showed up on the projector. It was about a mashed potato sculpture challenge. We weren’t too sure what kind of sculpture they were going to do. Mashed potato sculpting isn’t one of the Commonwealth games but you never know it might just be a sport in the future.

I wasn’t actually quite sure what team five’s video was about. But it was pretty cool because Mrs Nua went to spain with her family in the holidays to watch her nephew compete in motorcycling races. Miss Squires went to Machu Picchu and she also travelled to Chile. Our teacher Miss Paget went to Atlanta U.S.A to watch the blue angels. She also took pictures of the beach. Miss Clarke also went to U.S.A but she stayed in New York. She was also very lucky because she got to see Kim Kardashian. Nearly every intermediate teacher travelled overseas.

I think this term is going to be a fun term, I hope!!!

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