Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ki O Rahi

                                                      Ki O Rahi

Yesterday I was selected to play Ki O Rahi at the ami stadium. We took two teams to compete in this Maori sport, it was Pt Englands first time taking a team to this sport event. The Pt England Kapa Haka group also came to this event because there were maori workshops inside the hall. We left early from school to go be part of the welcoming.

We were really excited to play our first game of Ki O Rahi.  I didn’t actually know how to pronounce the other teams name because it was in maori. As the other team kicked off points had already been scored straight away. We were in the lead and the our first game was nearly over. At full time we managed to win 5-1. We were happy with the score and were amazed that we won our first Ki O Rahi game.

The day went very fast and soon we found out that we were in the semi-final. We were up against the reigning champions. It was our hardest game of the day. We gave it all we had but they came out with a win. We were the only team that scored against them out of the whole tournament. It was a close game 5 - 4.

It was a really great experience I hope I can do it next year!!

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