Thursday, July 24, 2014

July Holidays

                                                      July Holidays

In the holidays I went with Wyatt and Levi’s family to Okahu Bay for the day. We played kicks on the grass and we also played on the flying fox. When I sat down on the flying fox seat it felt different than the last time I was on it. As I took off the ride felt really slow because they changed the gear on top. I was really bummed out about that so we went and had lunch.

Lunch was really delicious, it was chicken nibble, pork buns, hot chips and fizzy drinks. As I finished my chicken nibble Wyatt, Levi and his brothers and I ran over to the playground and played tag. It was a really fun game because you were only allowed to take three steps. We also got to hide in places that they couldn't find us in. We had lots of fun, but then it was time to pack up.

When we got to the car Levi’s mother Shannon opened up the boot of the car. I didn’t know why she did but when I looked inside there were longboards, skateboards and a scooter. We got to skate all the way to Mission Bay. It was really fun because we got to race each other and look at the beautiful ocean. We stopped many times for a rest, we even stopped for a toilet break. When we finished Shannon asked us if we wanted to stop but we said no. But we just left because she said we were going to get ice cream.

I had a lot of fun with Wyatt and Levi’s family I hope I could go again sometime!!

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