Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cross Country

As I walked to the ten year old cross country boys row I was eagerly awaiting to start the race. There were so much boys that I and Rocky were all the way at the back. Waiting for a long time the little kids all ready started there race.

I felt really nervous as I was sitting on the court which was warm. I really thought I was going to become at the back of the race. I was so lucky that I did not come at the back of the pack because I wasn't aiming for that position.

Walking to the start line I burst like a bolt of fire trying to not come last. Slowing down half way of the track my heart was pounding thinking that this will never end.
Exhausted and drained my lungs were burning unable to continue.

Finishing the race I was tired and happy at the same time, because at least I finished the cross country. As I got closer to the end I collapsed like stacks of blocks that got blown by the wind.

It was so cool but I was sad because I wasn't near the all the people that were coming first. But anyway I might beat them next year.

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