Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Motat trip

Walking into the place where we were staying I was so excited that I wanted to run off but I was not allowed. As we finish eating our morning tea me and my class strolled off to a room to learn about inventions. It was really cool there because we played with a camera which was called a Browne. Me and my class ran out of the room running to the places they wanted to go to.

Jogging to the mirror maze I asked my teacher if my group can go inside, it was really funny because Gloria nearly knocked me over. My favorite thing was the tack tile dark dome because it was scary and we didn't know we were going. It was kind of stink because I went with girls. Finishing and coming out of the dark dome I felt good coming out with a smile. After we finished that we went to look around for a little bit. Running into the bus happiness surrounded me.

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