Monday, March 25, 2013


I was really excited when Miss Vaafusuaga told me that I was going to take some drills with the Auckland Blues. The cool thing was that other student’s from my school were coming as well. When we arrived at Dunkirk we thought that the Blues were already there but instead they arrived a bit later.

As all the schools sat down, the only thing they looked at was cars driving into the car park. We didn't recognize it was the blues getting out of there cars until an old lady went to them and told them to come. A lot of the schools were excited to see players like Piri Weepu, Keven Mealamu and obviously the captain Ali Williams.  As soon as they got there the man that was running the event gave the mic over to the blues captain.

They had to introduced themselves and say there position, the funny thing was that the last thing they had to say was the women of their dreams.

The day with the blues was really fun. I hope you get the time to meet the blues!!!

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