Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Heard A Whisper


Huffing and puffing as I carried myself to the top of the mountain, I gazed at the amazing view. Taking a few more steps I made it to the top and stopped for a drink. When I looked around I saw nobody else but me. “This is very unusual” I said quietly to myself. A few minutes later I heard a whisper but no one was there, they said “Hi don’t be afraid”. Suddenly as I turned around I saw a big clawed bird staring at me as if it wanted some thing. As I walked home I could feel the bones inside me start to click.

As I sat down I got out a book and started reading a book. Out of nowhere my dog Snickers came running to me and started to bark. I was a little bit scared so I grasped onto the baseball bat that was next to the fire place and held up in the air while walking to the door. As soon as I put my hand on the door knob I heard another whisper say come follow me and I will give great fortune. I was very happy but curios at the same time! When I looked at the window I saw the same bad looking bird that was at the mountain.

I had a very bad time sleeping, I still was curios about the whispering. I had a feeling that it had something to do with the bird that I saw at the window.

When I woke up I got ready to go for a run in the morning like I always do. Just as I had left the house I put on my shoes and started running around the block. “I’m almost there just a few more steps” I whispered to myself. On the corner of my eye I saw that same bird flying in a alley and so I started to follow him. The bird flew into a strange looking house that looked like it got abandoned.

I walked inside and saw that the bird was holding a knife in his claws. I was very scared but I saw something attached around the birds neck. It looked like a sound device. I think that the bird wanted me to cut off the device that was around it’s neck. Just as I had grabbed the knife I heard another whisper but it came from the sound device that was around the birds neck. Finally I knew what was the whisper, it was the sound device coming from the bird. I cut it off and was very happy that I did. “But why was there in the first place” I said to myself, well I guess that it is a mystery!

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